Patient in bed receiving care

Emotional labour

Yvonne Sawbridge, Associate at the Health Services Management Centre, University of Birmingham talks about what emotional labour is, its challenges […]

Supporting our working carers

There are currently an estimated 250,000 carers working in the NHS, many of whom are aged between 45-64 and so […]

Communicating with children about COVID-19

If you’re a key worker parent or carer, Dr Sarah Helps, a clinical psychologist and consultant family therapist at the […]

10 steps for managers in the event of a death or suicide in service

In the unfortunate circumstance of a death in service, we understand the need to balance sensitivity with the practical need […]

Going home checklist

Take a moment to think about today Think about one thing that was difficult – let it go Consider 3 […]

Tips for mental health professionals: Caring for people affected by COVID-19

If you’re a mental health professional helping frontline health care workers who are providing care to people affected by COVID […]

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5-min Me Space

Find 5 minutes to ask yourself ‘questions that matter’ to help you to develop a quiet mind, and practice kindness […]

Michael West

The key components of effective teamworking during the COVID-19 Crisis

In this 5-minute video take some time to consider how to maintain effective team working during the COVID crisis. The […]

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‘Easy to run’ virtual pause space

Thank you for stepping forward to run this ‘easy to run’ virtual 10-min Pause Space This guidance has been designed for […]

#10minPausespace tag

10 minute Virtual Pause Space with breakaway rooms

Thank you for stepping forward to run this virtual 10-min Pause Space with virtual breakaway rooms. This guidance has been […]